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Asset Management

Asset Management

Terrahawk Group’s mission is to provide the highest level of service, focus and communication. We expect to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to the asset management of their real estate assets. We create custom designed strategies that focus not just on maintaining value, but creating it. Our asset management clients benefit from our significant strategic and operational expertise.

We understand that your real estate assets are quite valuable. Our asset management team pledges to provide updates as often as requested. YOU WILL HEAR FROM US!

Terrahawk Group’s professional asset management team combines its own talents with third-party relationships to develop and implement a strategic plan for our clients. We integrate hands-on active asset management with aggressive property management oversight. To improve the value of the asset, we make recommendations to create optimal revenue streams, implement cost controls, and ensure lease terms are negotiated and structured consistent with our clients’ investment objectives.

Terrahawk Group’s Asset Management services include:

  • Active management in the acquisition process including underwriting and due diligence
  • Development and implementation of the asset strategy plan
  • Creation and implementation of an optimal investment strategy
  • Oversight and direction of property manager
  • Capital market analysis