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Property Managment

Property Management

Terrahawk Group’s mission is to provide the highest level of service, focus and communication. We expect to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to the day-to-day management of their real estate assets. We carry out the strategic plan as directed by the owner and/or asset manager with a focus not just on maintaining value, but creating it. Our clients benefit from Terrahawk Group’s significant operational expertise.

We understand that your real estate assets are quite valuable. Our property management team pledges to provide updates as often as requested. YOU WILL HEAR FROM US!

Terrahawk Group creates value by maximizing property operations. Day-to-day activities are scrutinized for operating efficiencies. Marketing, leasing and advertising strategies are implemented to ensure the property is gaining the necessary exposure to compete in its market.

We recognize that your tenants are your customers and we want to keep your customers happy to promote tenant retention. To that end, the property management team is proactive when it comes to tenant relations, providing quick response when it comes to all tenant inquiries and complaints. We keep a detailed record of communication with tenants, which is available to our clients upon request.

Terrahawk Group’s Property Management services include:

  • Management of all day-to-day building operations and maintenance
  • Property accounting and financial reporting
  • Contract management and lease administration
  • Implementation of marketing, leasing and advertising strategies
  • Budget development and accountability