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Receivership Services

Receivership Services

Terrahawk Group provides professional court-appointed receivership services, including asset oversight and management, day-to-day property management, accurate record keeping, and the ultimate disposition of assets where required by the courts.

Adam Raffel and Brett Atlas are the principal receivers for Terrahawk Group, seeking to secure and stabilize each property. Working independently of all other parties, their efforts are directed to the maximum protection of the value and condition of the asset.

Terrahawk Group’s Receivership Services include:

  • Compliance with Court orders specific to the duties and responsibilities of each Receivership assignment
  • Inspection of the property and assets
  • Development and implementation of a strategic plan for the asset
  • Stabilization of property operations and proactive efforts to ensure tenant retention
  • Oversight and direction of the day-to-day property management team
  • Full and complete reporting and information management
  • Development and implementation of an optimal exit strategy